Food&Beverages INNOVATION CAMP #4

Led by F&B Business Accelerator and
Hospitality Culture Institute

11-13 of November 2024


Our future depends on innovation

We gather for 3 days in Sovata to generate new ideas and to brainstorm in order to find innovative solutions for common problems faced by the foodservice sector.

MAIN Partner


Our sector is facing a very wide range of challenges. We try to find solutions on 6 of them:

Labor shortage
The hospitality industry has been struggling with a shortage of skilled workers, including chefs, cooks and other kitchen staff, as well as wait-staff. This shortage could continue to affect restaurants in 2024
Supply chain disruptions

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions in the global supply chain, making it difficult for restaurants to access the ingredients and supplies they need to run their businesses.

Rising food costs

Food costs have been increasing in recent years due to factors such as climate change, trade disputes, and transportation costs. These rising costs could continue to impact restaurants in 2024.

Changing consumer preferences

Consumer preferences are constantly evolving, and restaurants must adapt to keep up with changing trends. For example, more consumers are seeking out plant-based and sustainable options, and restaurants will need to respond to this demand.


The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and restaurants must compete not only with each other but also with other types of food providers, such as meal delivery services and grocery stores.

Technology adoption

As technology continues to evolve, restaurants will need to adopt new technologies to improve their operations and provide better experiences for their customers. This may include implementing mobile ordering and payment systems, using data analytics to optimize menu offerings, and leveraging social media to engage with customers.

New on CAMP

WHY you should join the CAMP?

The CAMP combines an entrepreneurial way of thinking and working with a concrete process for developing breakthrough ideas and insights, aiming at producing real-world impact.

Participants from diverse backgrounds and disciplines work together to discover and leverage in-and-out-of-the-box opportunities for creating breakthroughs in a process of collaborative solution seeking.

Strategic Partners

WHY participating is a must?

  • Training and support in key areas such as business planning, marketing, operations, finances and customer service.
  • Opportunities to connect with other foodservice startups, industry experts, mentors, and potential investors. This can lead to valuable partnerships, collaborations, and funding opportunities.
  • Learn about emerging trends and technologies in the foodservice industry, such as plant-based food, food delivery apps, and AI-powered solutions.
  • Valuable feedback and validation from industry experts and mentors.


WHO will be there?


Successful food entrepreneurs who have launched and scaled their own food-related businesses, such as restaurant owners, food truck operators, or packaged food makers.


Investors who specialize in food and beverage startups, including venture capitalists, angel investors, and seed investors. They can provide valuable advice on fundraising, pitch preparation, and business modeling.


Marketing and branding experts who can help startups develop a strong brand identity, create effective marketing campaigns, and build an online presence through social media and other digital channels.


Operations and logistics specialists who have experience managing supply chains, food distribution, and inventory management. They can help startups optimize their operations and reduce costs.


Culinary experts who can provide guidance on menu planning, recipe development, food trends, and flavor profiles.


Legal experts who specialize in food law, such as food labeling and packaging regulations, intellectual property, and licensing.


Technology experts who can help startups leverage technology to improve their operations, enhance the customer experience, and manage data.

Innovation Camp Partners

Mentors & Trainers

Paul Iftode

Purchasing Director City Grill Grup

Cristian Turculeţ


Head of operations/market leader Romania, Rex Concepts (Burger King/Popeyes)

Daniel Donici

Owner Artesana

Andreea Nemens

Strategy Consultant & Co-Founder 11.22

Daniel Tisea

Co-Founder NoodlePack

Dan Pastiu

Fondator Dabo Doner

Remus Bogdan

F&B Director Therme

Iulian Circiumaru

V7 Capital, Business Angel

Andrei Popa


Florin M. Pop

Entrepreneur | Strategic Advisor | Angel Investor

Alex Dumitru

Head Chef Singureni Manor

Eugen Zbircea

Modern Retail Consultant

Razvan Testa
Founding Partner Tuca, Zbarcea & Associates
Adriana Sohodoleanu
PhD in Sociology, food researcher
Alex Petricean
Chef, Owner Noua
Oana Coanta
Chef, Owner Bistro del Arte

Ana Consulea

Owner Zexe Braserie

Florin Maxim
Founder Hospitality Culture Institute

Chef Mihai Toader

Owner SoroLume

Costel Ariton

National Key Account ON-TRADE Manager at PPD Global

Radu Savopol
Founder 5togo

Dan Isai

Founder Salad Box

Florian Buca


Victor Gorea

CEO Tucano Coffee

Alex Cirtu

Partener LifeBox, teacher

Cristian Cristea

General Manager Hostalion

Paul Voicu

Alexu Toader

Project Manager at Viscri 32: White Barn & Blue House

Nico Lontras

Head Chef, Casa Timis

Raul Siderias
CEO @ Bookingham
When? Where? what?

11 – 13 of November 2024


15:00 – 15:15 Welcoming & opening camp with Robert Agarici, Communication Director Hospitality Culture Institute
15:45 – 17:30 #learningorganisation #coachingculture #teamcoaching #executivecoaching
17.30-18.00 Coffee Break
18:45 – 19:30 1:1 Mentorship speed meetings (5 min / mentor)
20:00 Dinner
21:00 Networking & Party


10:00-10:30 Presentation of projects HCI – all projects leaders
10:30 – 11:30 Stimulation of innovative concepts in foodservice through private investments (Iulian Cârciumaru, Florin Pop, Remus Bogdan, Alex Cirtu și Razvan Testa)
11:45 Coffee break
13:00- 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:00 Chefs at work: debate Supply chain disruptions & Rising food costs (Alex Dumitru, Nico Lontras, Alex Petricean, Oana Coantă, Mihai Toader, Ana Consulea)
15.15-15.45 – Transforming Hospitality: The Role of Generative AI in the Horeca Industry
15:45 Coffee break
17:00 Going out


10.00-11.00 The future of QSRs (Dan Paștiu, Daniel Tisea, Cristian Turculeț)
11:15-12:00 – Marketing Manifesto – Andreea Nemens
12:15 – 13:00 Closing Camp
SIGN UP without accommodation (2 days pass)

800 lei 2 days pass & meals & Parties

SIGN UP single room (1 day pass)

1175 lei single room 1 day pass

SIGN UP single room (2 days pass)

1425 lei single room 2 days pass

SIGN UP double room (2 persons)(2 days pass)

2175 lei double room (2 persons) 2 days pass

Each Package can include/person:

  • General Access to workshops/debates
  • Access to 1-to-1 mentoring sessions
  • 2 nights accommodation 4 stars Hotel
  • Breakfast x2
  • Lunch x1
  • Dinner x2
  • Networking Party on 11th
  • Innovation Party on 12th